Leaf Sentry Gutter Guards

Are you tired of your gutters clogging up? Then try Leaf Sentry gutter guards; the ultimate solution for gutter protection. Midwest Exteriors MN offers complete gutter services for your home in the Twin Cities. We recommend Leaf Sentry because of its proven performance and long-lasting durability. You will love never having to clean your gutters again.

We custom install Leaf Sentry gutter guards according to your gutter’s design. Our installation process is fast, easy, and affordable. To find out more about the benefits of Leaf Sentry gutter guards, contact us today.

Leaf Sentry: Offering Full Protection for Your Gutter System

Do you spend time and money regularly cleaning out your gutters? Leaf Sentry offers a practical solution that completely eliminates the need for cleaning your gutters. Leaf Sentry is an aluminum, nose-forward gutter guard that fits securely onto the gutter and completely protects your gutters from debris, sticks, leaves, dirt, and other materials that regularly land on your roof.

Leaf Sentry is sturdy enough to handle high winds and heavy downpours without coming loose. It is made of reinforced aluminum that does not rust or corrode. You can save hundreds of dollars annually in professional gutter cleaning costs and eliminate the risk of climbing on your roof for a DIY project.

Leaf Sentry Gutter Guard Features

  • At Midwest Exteriors MN, we recommend Leaf Sentry for the following reasons:

  • The nose-forward design prevents clogs from building up in your gutter better than any other product on the market.

  • The Leaf Sentry design channels rainwater into the gutter, while leaves, sticks, and debris move past the gutter and fall over the side of the house—no buildup whatsoever.

  • The gutter protection design gives it the flexibility to attaches permanently to just about any type of gutter. Once we install the gutter guards, it will stay on year after year.

  • The product is made from 98% recycled aluminum. This is a more sustainable and eco-friendly solution than other types of gutter materials.

  • Leaf Sentry offers one of the most generous lifetime manufacturer’s warranties in the industry today. The warranty will protect your home investment.

  • The gutter guards come in 16 colors including copper. No matter what color your gutters are, Leaf Sentry has a color to match or enhance it.

Two Leaf Sentry Choices for Your Home

Leaf Sentry offers two main choices for gutter guards:

  • Regular Panel. The standard Leaf Sentry Panel offers more than adequate protection for your gutters. It is best for roofs that experience a normal amount of water runoff and a moderate degree of sticks, leaves, or other debris falling on the roof.

  • High-flow Panel. The Leaf Sentry high-flow panel is best for roofs that experience a high level of water runoff. The additional screens can accommodate additional water flow while still providing protection from debris. You never have to worry about rainwater spilling over the side of the gutter.

Certified Leaf Sentry Installers in the Twin Cities Metro area.

Midwest Exteriors MN is your certified Leaf Sentry installer across the Twin Cities. We offer complete Leaf Sentry installation. Not only do we offer Leaf Sentry gutter guards, we also carry more of best gutter guard products available on the market today.

To find out more about our products and services or get a free estimate, call us today at (651) 346-9477. You can also fill out a quick form on our contact page.

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