K-Screen Gutter Guard Installation

If you are looking for an innovative solution for protecting your gutters and eliminating debris buildup, check out K-Screen Gutter Guards. K-screen guards allow the water to flow freely into your gutters while blocking sticks, leaves, debris, and other materials from making into the gutter channels.

Midwest Exteriors MN can custom install your K-Screen gutter guards according to your current gutter design. To learn more about K-Screen gutter guard installation, contact Midwest Exteriors MN today. We can help you with all your gutter installation needs.

Complete Gutter Protection You Can Rely On

K-Screen’s powder-coated expanded metal gutter screens are perfectly designed to allow water through the screen while forcing all debris to run off the roof. The screen inserts under the shingles or snaps directly into the gutter depending on your current gutter and roof design. The result is a seamless look that does not disrupt the fluidity of your exterior layout. The screens will look like they are an original part of the gutter design.

Since the gutter guards cover the entire gutter system from side to side and end to end, you never have to worry about any material getting inside and clogging up the gutter channels or drain openings. Your gutters will stay clean at all times regardless of how much debris falls on your roof.

Features of K-Screen Gutter Guards

We recommend installing K-Screen gutter guards on your home for the following reasons:

  • Small holes deflect the debris. The K-screen design features tiny holds that are large enough to allow water to pass but not small debris or tiny particles. Even the smallest sticks cannot get through the screen.

  • No more leaf buildup. You never again have to worry about large stacks of leaves building up in your gutters. You will cut down on the time and money you spend cleaning out your gutters, as well as reduce the risk of injury from climbing onto the roof.

  • Powder-coated expanded metal. The powder coating keeps the metal from rusting or corroding due to moisture or mold. The coating also protects the metal from the sun and any impact.

  • Easy installation with no screws or fasteners. K-screen gutter guards are easy to install. We simply fasten them to your current gutter system without the use of screws or fasteners.

  • Flexible enough to fit all gutters. Whether you have an old or new gutter system, we can still fasten the K-Screen gutter guards to the gutters to provide a seamless look. They are available for 5-inch, 6-inch, or 7-inch gutters.

  • Quality craftsmanship you will love. Your K-Screen gutter guards are more than just another house expense. They are a full investment into the protection of your roof and your gutters. You save money in gutter repairs, cleaning, and replacements.

Certified K-Screen Installers in Twin Cities

Midwest Exteriors MN is your certified K-Screen installer across the Twin Cities Metro area. We offer complete K-Screen gutter guard installation and replacement. If you want complete gutter protection you can count on through every season, we can help you with your gutter guard installation.

To find out more about our products and services or get a free estimate, call us today at (651) 346-9477. You can also fill out a quick form on our contact page.

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